Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Weekly Reader: 25 August

A subjective and necessarily incomplete collection of the week in film on the Internet. Add in anything we've missed in the comments.

An astoundingly indepth interview by Sam Adams with Craig Zobel, writer/director of COMPLIANCE.

Sarah Watt interviews Miriam Smith and Chris Pryor, the filmmakers of HOW FAR IS HEAVEN. They're also the featured guests on this week's Cinematica podcast.

Steve Garden's first post-NZFF wrapup is up at Lumiere Reader, with thoughts on HOLY MOTORS, STUDENT, COMPLIANCE, WEST OF MEMPHIS, and THE SHINING.

RIP Tony Scott. A fantastic interview/profile by Ariel Leve from years back that will make you love him, if not as a filmmaker, then as a human being, and a measured but heartfelt appreciation from Bilge Ebiri.

The Sight and Sound top 100 list dump continues: Directors have now been added to the online database. Find out which director voted for his own film! (Hint: it's Tsai Ming-Liang.)

Not to be outdone, two independent critic's poll, the Skandies and the Muriels, have collated dozens of ballots for their own top 20. It's a similar list, but a different #1, that's close to my heart. As always with these things, I find the most compelling reading to be the list of orphans: would you rather read yet another essay on KANE or VERTIGO, or somebody defending THE BROOD, 1941, or AWAARA (what?) as one of the top 20 films of all time?

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