Thursday, May 9, 2013

In Cinemas: May 9 - 15


* SPRING BREAKERS marks provocateur Harmony Korine's big-time break, grossing more in its opening weekend than all his features from GUMMO to TRASH HUMPERS did in their runs combined. It's almost like there's a market for ex-child stars wearing bikinis and getting debauched or something.

* REBELLE was released as WAR WITCH overseas, such as in the US where it got a Best Foreign Picture nomination in the Oscars. The story of a 12-year Congolese girl who's kidnapped and enmeshed in war takes some unexpected turns amidst its more predictable social drama concerns, apparently. Exclusive to the Academy.

* And file under "probably terrible but absolute catnip for Incredibly Strange fans": GO GOA GONE is a Bollywood zombie comedy with Russian mafiosos, now playing at Event Manukau and Queen St. You can probably get everything you want to know from the trailer:

* Also: GAMBIT is a remake of a 60s Michael Caine film with a Coen Brothers script, but rumour has it that it carries the charm of neither; SONG FOR MARION (aka UNFINISHED SONG) looks to fulfill that gaping void left by BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL in the bankbooks of certain cinemas, with Vanessa Redgrave attempting to coax a curmudgeonly Terrence Stamp out of his shell; and you may have heard there's a new STAR TREK film on the scene.

* The latest Met Opera - Verdi's RIGOLETTO - is kicking off in selected arthouses this week; there're previews of The Rock's SNITCH next Wednesday at select Event cinemas; it appears that there may be a $5 Monday night preview of KON-TIKI at Rialto; and there is a tonne of other films continuing this week - Johnnie To's DRUG WAR (毒戰), BARBARA, MAORI BOY GENIUS, WEST OF MEMPHIS, ANTIVIRAL, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, etc...

* The Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival 2013 has already started! Boy oh boy, I'm running behind...20 features (and six shorter films paired into double features) all started Thursday 9th and run for two weeks. I'd like to try catch these first four;

- CARTOON COLLEGE - A peak inside the school for comic books in Vermont.
- MY PLAYGROUND (2009) - People + buildings = Parkour!
- EAMES: THE ARCHITECT & THE PAINTER - One screening only! James Franco narrates this look at the works from the Eames office and the Renaissance studio in Venice, CA.
- 16 ACRES - The clashes and differing opinions over rebuilding NYC's Ground Zero.
- 43 COLUMNS ON SCENE IN BILBAO (43 COLONNE IN SCENA A BILBAO) - Building the new cultural centre in the Basque city.
- (AMONGST THE RUINS...) UNFINISHED ITALY - 34mins of Italy's ruins. Playing alongside...
- (THE ARCHITECTURE OF) CARLO SCARPA (1996) - A look at the man, revived in hi-def.
- INDEPENDENT LENS S12E02: ART & COPY (2009) - Genius advertising creatives.
- DESIGN & THINKING - A chat with folks who've changed the world with their designs.
- DILLER SCOFIDIO + RENFRO: REIMAGINING LINCOLN CENTER AND THE HIGH LINE - The design firm in the title does exactly what the title suggests.
- FALLINGWATER: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT'S MASTERWORK - a restoration of the 1994 film, chatting with Edgar J. Kaufmann's son about the titular building and architect.

- FORTUNY AND THE MAGIC LANTERN (FORTUNY I LA LLÀNTIA MERAVELLOSA) - The 19th century Oriental design found in the photos, sculptures and textiles of Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo.
- FROM NOTHING, SOMETHING: A DOCUMENTARY ON THE CREATIVE PROCESS - Game designers, screenwriters, chefs, Tegan's Sara & others discuss creative thinking.
- BIOPHILIC DESIGN: THE ARCHITECTURE OF LIFE - Architecture + nature. Plays with...
- PASSIVE PASSION - 21mins of energy-conscious architecture.
- LIFE ARCHITECTURALLY - Husband & wife design team in Aussie.
- LINOTYPE: IN SEARCH OF THE EIGHTH WONDER OF THE WORLD - The near-extinction of the machine Edison called the 8th wonder.
- MILTON GLASER: TO INFORM AND DELIGHT (2009) - The work of the I Heart NY guy.
- EYE OVER PRAGUE (OKO NAD PRAHOU, 2010) - the National Library's design grief.
- UTOPIA LONDON - Modernist architects rebuild London after WWII.
- VOLUME ZERO: THE WORKS OF CHARLES CORREA (2008) - India's most famous architect.
- HELLA JONGERIUS: CONTEMPORARY ARCHETYPES (2009) - Half an hour with the Dutch designer. Plays alongside...
- STUDIO GANG ARCHITECTS: AQUA TOWER (2009) - That buzzy building pictured above.
- WOMAN IN THE DIRT: LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS SHAPING OUR WORLD - Follows seven female landscape designers in LA.


* NZIFF's Autumn Events is now in retrospect mode; at Academy Cinemas, Sun 12th 4:30 PM, the Godard films continue with BANDE À PART (BAND OF OUTSIDERS, 1964), the 'story' of Anna Karena helping two crooks to rob her aunt, before things go pear.

* There's Farhadi, too; at Rialto Newmarket, Sat 11th 6 PM, 2004's THE BEAUTIFUL CITY (شهر زیبا) sees a kid kill his girlfriend and go to juvie, only to have his sister and some thief try save him from execution. Also at Rialto, Wed 15th 6:15 PM, DANCING IN THE DUST (رقص در غبار)(2003) is about a guy made to divorce his wife and go on the run from debt, eventually winding up with a snake hunter in the desert, or something.

* Auckland Film Society is back to their Claire Denis screenings this week, with 35 SHOTS OF RUM (35 RHUMS, 2008). Academy Cinemas 6:30 PM Monday 13th.

* DIRTY DANCING (1987) in back again on Sunday 12th 2:30 PM at Takapuna and Mission Bay Berkeleys. It's repertory, so I should mention THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA (2006) will be playing at The Vic Saturday 11th 8:40 PM. And I forgot to mention last week that Disney's PETER PAN (1953) plays Hoyts and Berkeley cinemas on weekend mornings this month.

* Monterey Cinema has kicked of its Monterey Abroad nights again; at 6:30 PM Friday 10th, you can have a drink and watch Israel's FOOTNOTE (הערת שוליים) for $15 out in Howick.

* The Film Archive on K Rd is playing the 2010 film essay THE FORGOTTEN SPACE for FREE, two or three times a day?? Not sure how that works...The Dutch National Ballet brings Cinderella to St. Lukes, Albany & Westgate Events on Sunday 12th at 11 AM and 2 PM. Technically a screening - Stardome has PINK FLOYD'S THE WALL and DARK SIDE OF THE MOON in the planetarium on Tuesday 15th 8 PM.

All sessions above are accurate at the time of publication. Your best bet would be to check Flicks or the theatre website before attending. Please let us know in the comments if you spy anything we've messed up/missed out!

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