Wednesday, November 21, 2012

In Cinemas: November 22 - 28


* Academy Cinemas have a brand new website up and running! Plus, they've got COMPLIANCE back from NZFF 2012 - the gripping, disturbing and possibly even infuriating (in a great way) true story of theft accusation in the workplace and the titular compliance that follows...

* SHADOW DANCER is another one back from NZFF 2012, now playing at both The Monterey and Rialto Newmarket. An IRA thriller from the MAN ON WIRE / PROJECT NIM guy, with Clive Owen, Andrea Riseborough from NEVER LET ME GO, Littlefinger from GAME OF THRONES and Scully. I'm looking forward to this one!

* It really is a NZFF 2012 week, with MONSIEUR LAZHAR joining the fray at Rialto Newmarket, Capitol Cinema and The Monterey. A French-Canadian drama about a teacher and his students wouldn't normally get me into a theatre, but I've heard too many good things from too many good folks. However..

* ...I don't know who is gunna be at the arthouses watching the three Film Fest offerings above, not when SKYFALL is out. James Bond is everywhere - in the cinemas, on the buses, coating buildings and magazines - and with pretty much everybody claiming that it's far better than the last one, it's probably worth checking out. Maybe even an IMAX visit?

* Seen Bond and caught the other three at the Film Fest earlier this year? ARGO, a hostage thriller containing a fair amount of fun is still going strong all over town; Outside the multiplexes, good ol' Frank Langella & his programmable friend - aka ROBOT & FRANK - still have a lot of screenings; Christopher Plummer's tour-de-force BARRYMORE has a few more sessions at Rialto Newmarket, The Bridgeway and The Monterey; DIANA VREELAND: THE EYE HAS TO TRAVEL (NZFF 2012) continues on at Rialto Newmarket, with a few more showings at The Bridgeway and Capitol Cinema; plus Academy Cinemas still have both ELECTRICK CHILDREN - an indie coming-of-age film set in the Mormon world - and the rugged Danish comedy KLOWN (KLOVN - THE MOVIE)(NZFF 2012).


* Silo Cinema is back again with more FREE screenings down by the waterfront! Jake and Elwood, Carrie Fisher, John Candy, James Brown, Cab Calloway, Aretha and pretty much everybody else can be seen projected on the water-tank in BLUES BROTHERS (1980), Friday 9:00 PM.

* The Rolling Stones celebrate their 50th anniversary next Wednesday evening with Brett Morgen's CROSSFIRE HURRICANE doco. At Rialto Newmarket, The Monterey, Queen St and Albany Event.

* From the dude that brought us TYRANNICAL LOVE comes kiwi crime comedy THE FALL GUYS. The $30 Auckland Premiere this Saturday 8 PM at SkyCity Theatre includes drinks, live music and a Q&A from those involved!

* AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY HONOURS STUDENT FILMS OF 2013 is such a handy title, no further synopsis is necessary for this collection. Plus, it's all FREE!! 6 PM Thursday at The Academy. FREE SHORT FILMS!!

* "Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 - Present" will be at the Auckland Art Gallery for ages yet, and their latest FREE film screenings are; Rock documentary JOY DIVISION (2007) at 1 PM Saturday; and THE FILTH AND THE FURY (NZFF 2000) at 2 PM Sunday, boasting clips from the never-completed WHO KILLED BAMBI?. Leave it to Sting to show us what we're missing:

* Over at The Vic; Six more evening screenings of EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP (NZFF 2010), the inventive doco from Banksy about street art; 3-2-1 A PORTRAIT OF KURT JACKSON about the British painter turns up once again at 3:15 PM Friday; OPEN AT PAGE 100 is a Robin Kewell doco about the teacher Robin Child and is on again this weekend; the Michael Heath documentaries about the New Zealand-born painter - EDITH COLLIER: A LIGHT AMONG SHADOWS (NZFF 2007) and VILLAGE BY THE SEA (NZFF 2012) stick about for the weekend; plus more Robin Kewell and more Cornwall in EYES AND EARS, three short films collected to play on Thursday and Friday.

* The enjoyable 3D blast of NITRO CIRCUS was s'posed to be four days only, but unsurprisingly, it's going another long weekend at Event. Even MY LITTLE PONY: IT'S A PONY PARTY is going another round at Hoyts for the Bronies...

* Uxbridge Arts Cinema Club has LIFE IN MOVEMENT (DocEdge 2012) playing for $8 in Howick, Monday at 8 PM. A documentary about Sydney Dance Company director Tanja Liedtke and the tour of her works after her untimely death at age 29.

* MetOpera fans get VERDI: OTELLO this week at The Bridgeway, Monterey and Rialto Newmarket. And The Monterey's next Pixar screening is TOY STORY 3, at 9:25 AM Saturday and Sunday! Five bucks! Nice and early!

All sessions above are accurate at the time of publication. Your best bet would be to check Flicks or the theatre website before attending. Please let us know in the comments if you spy anything we've messed up/missed out!

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