Wednesday, November 7, 2012

In Cinemas: November 8 - 14


* Vendetta & Ant Timpson have brought the ridiculously funny KLOWN (KLOVN - THE MOVIE) back from NZFF 2012! A filthy, awkward Danish comedy based on the filthy, awkward Danish sitcom. It's at the Academy Cinema on Lorne st and the new management is marking which sessions are playing in the cupboard, which is greatly appreciated!

* Sylvia Park Hoyts has got a copy of COLD WAR (寒戰) playing this week. Aaron Kwok (Johnnie To's THROW DOWN, Cloud from THE STORM RIDERS) and Tony Leung Ka-fai (DUMPLINGS, Johnnie To's ELECTION and TAI CHI HERO, also currently playing) are rival Police Commissioners trying to cope with a hostage situation when five cops are held for ransom. Andy Lau turns up in it too, apparently. Could be cool.

* THE SESSIONS is finally out properly in all the arthouses 'round town. John Hawkes (MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE, WINTER'S BONE, EASTBOUND & DOWN) plays a dude in an iron lung who hires sex surrogate Helen Hunt (um...MAD ABOUT YOU? TWISTER?) for...I won't spoil it. Yeah, William H. Macy is in it, too. But c'mon, John Hawkes, right?? Here is his cover of Jackson C. Frank's 1975 track, Marcy's Song...

* I can't find WHEN A WOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A SHEEP (南方小羊牧場) on IMDB, Wikipedia or and it has no reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. I'm pretty sure it exists though and is playing at St. Lukes, Queen St. and Highland Park Event from this week. Looks like a cute li'l romance made in Taiwan, plus has a pretty great poster.

* Rialto has yet another new Audrey Tautou rom-com - DELICACY (LA DÉLICATESSE); also at Rialto, KATHMANDU LULLABY (KATMANDÚ, UN ESPEJO EN EL CIELO) is a Spanish film about a love blossoming within a marriage of convenience; indie coming-of-age film ELECTRICK CHILDREN has the interesting premise of a 15 year-old Mormon getting pregnant after hearing rock music for the first time, then fleeing to Las Vegas to find the singer on the cassette. Plays at Rialto, Academy & Bridgeway, plus Billy Zane and one of the Culkins are in it. Two new Bollywood flicks for next week - SON OF SARDAAR starts TUESDAY at Hoyts, while JAB TAK HAI JAAN begins Wednesday.

* If those nine aren't exciting you, don't forget BAIT 3D is still playing at most of the multi-plexes and HOW TO MEET GIRLS FROM A DISTANCE is still at about five cinemas around town. That Richard Gere thing ARBITRAGE may be worth a look, FRESH MEAT is now only playing at Manukau and TAI CHI HERO (太极2) is playing mainly only daytime slots now. But you've still got SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MANDREDDTĀTARAKIHIKILLING THEM SOFTLY, etc...


* It's Japanese Film Week at Auckland University! Every evening next week there's a FREE film in the lecture hall under the General Library building. Ninja flick KAMUI GAIDEN  (カムイ外伝)(2009) at 7 PM Monday; 7 PM Tuesday is Akira Kurosawa's MADADAYO (まあだだよ)(1993) about a professor's life after WWII; Takashi Miike's action-comedy YATTERMAN  (ヤッターマン)(2009) will be on at 7 PM Wednesday; plus Kitano & Ghibli are still to come! FREE! JAPANESE!

* Although, hitting all the freebies above means missing Event's preview of NITRO CIRCUS 3D at 6:30 PM Wednesday, a JACKASS-looking thing (which is the kind of film that really benefits from the 3D format, in my dopey opinion).

* The 7th annual Show Me Shorts Film Festival is in its second week. Six short film collections are screening at The Capitol Cinema in Balmoral still, with further screenings at Pukekohe Cinema 3, the Waiheke Island Community Cinema and even one left to go at The Internationalist in Rothesay Bay. Documentaries, premieres, animation and whatnot from all over the world.

* While I won't be at the kids screening of MY LITTLE PONY: IT'S A PONY PARTY this weekend at Hoyts or Berkeley (I imagine it's a collection of episodes, they're pretty vague), I've heard good things about the random humour in THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, so may head along for that collection this Saturday or Sunday at Hoyts or Event.

* Auckland Art Gallery currently has a photo exhibition entitled Who Shot Rock & Roll: A Photographic History, 1955 - Present. There are a few music films accompanying it as well; MONTEREY POP (1968) plays at 3 PM Saturday and THE STONES IN THE PARK (1969) is on Sunday at 1 PM. High def Janis, here I come:

RialtoCapitol & Bridgeway all have a screening or two of the latest National Theatre taping, THE LAST OF THE HAUSSMANS starring Narcissa Malfoy & Mrs. Weasley; The Shakespeare's Globe production of DOCTOR FAUSTUS turns up at Berkeley Mission Bay for the weekend, starring DOCTOR WHO's The Boy Who Waited; and there is also a few more showings of the latest three-hour Met Opera L'ELISIR D'AMORE at Rialto, Monterey & Bridgeway.

* Parts 3 & 4 of the documentary series EDEN: THE INSIDE STORY continue on from last week at The Vic daily 6 PM until Saturday, and then Vincent Ward's RAIN OF THE CHILDREN (2008) takes the 6 PM slot from Monday. Period drama A ROYAL AFFAIR (EN KONGELIG AFFÆRE) has also resurfaced over there in Devonport, which is one of those films I heard decent things about once I'd already missed it. Mads.

* A 95-minute collection of Pasifika-made short films under the title POLLYWOOD will be playing at the Pacifica Living Arts Festival in Henderson, Friday 7 PM; It will then play again over at the Mangere Arts Centre, 7 PM Wednesday.

* For those of us not making it along to the Coldplay gig in Auckland this weekend, Monday sees COLDPLAY LIVE 2012 hit the big screens of Event & Hoyts 7 PM Monday; Monterey continues its early morning Pixar sessions with TOY STORY (1995) at 9:30 AM Saturday & Sunday; they play David Lean's A PASSAGE TO INDIA (1984) again, too - 2 PM Sunday; And apparently the Uxbridge Arts Centre in Howick has $8 film screenings 8 PM Mondays! This week they are playing MAO'S LAST DANCER (2009), the biography of a young Chinese boy plucked from his village to study ballet. 

All times above are accurate at the time of publication. Your best bet would be to check Flicks or the theatre website before attending. Please let us know in the comments if you spy anything we've messed up/missed out!

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