Saturday, December 15, 2012

Three Free Korean flicks

EDIT: I rang Rialto to find out about these free tickets, and was told that I needed to ring somebody called Josephine on 027 453 1785!! Odd! Also, they're playing in the e-Cinemas...

It's pretty much too late to be mentioning this, but I am so appreciate of Jeff Cook pointing me in the direction of James Partridge's post over on Admit One, that I have to mention it. The Korean Embassy has set up three free film screenings this weekend and while 90% of info online only mentions the Wellington screenings, I did find this Facebook comment;
So it might be time to get skates on and whatnot...

* Animated family flick LEAFIE, A HEN INTO THE WILD (마당을 나온 암탉) has already played, shame. It's based on a children's book about a battery hen escaping the farm and raising a duckling. Or something.

* The rom-com ALL ABOUT MY WIFE (내 아내의 모든 것) is a remake of the 2008 Argentinian film A BOYFRIEND FOR MY WIFE (UN NOVIO PARA MI MUJER). A dude hires his ladies' man neighbour - Ryoo Seung-ryong from WAR OF THE ARROWS (최종병기 활) - to seduce his nagging wife, hoping it'll lead to divorce. Plays Rialto Newmarket at 5:30 PM tonight (Sunday 16th).

* UNBOWED (부러진 화살) is about one man taking on the dirty legal system after being accused of shooting a judge with a crossbow. The trailer (below) sells it as pretty thrilling! Showing Monday 6 PM at Rialto Newmarket.

See the trailers below!

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