Wednesday, March 13, 2013

In Cinemas: Mar 14 - 20


* There's not much I can say about Alyx Duncan's THE RED HOUSE that Cinephile hasn't already said this week; now on at The Bridgeway, The Vic, Matakana Cinemas, Waiheke Community Centre and Rialto Newmarket (the latter also have a Film Talk screening this Friday evening complete with a director Q&A!).

* Much like his first feature (HAPPYTHANKYOUMOREPLEASE), Josh Radnor writes, directs and leads his second film, LIBERAL ARTS (NZIFF 2012). About a 30 year old falling for a college student while visiting his old professor, this one also features Liz Olsen, Dick Jenkins and Allison Janney. And Zac Efron.

* Legal comedies mightn't normally pop to mind when thinking Bollywood, but JOLLY L.L.B. is here to change all that. Opening at Sylvia Park, Botany Downs and Manukau Event this week. This would've been the perfect place to embed Taika's Heinous Crimes, but as I posted that last week, here's my other favourite legal comedy (and favourite cartoon intro):

* BROKEN CITY is directed by one half of the Hughes brothers (MENACE II SOCIETY, THE BOOK OF ELI) and is the first IMDB credit to the writer's name. And it's about an ex-cop vs. a corrupt mayor. I might go to see Markie Mark, Jeffrey Wright, Barry Pepper and Griffin Dunne, mind. Not so fussed with Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kyle Chandler though.

* Rialto Newmarket & The Bridgeway also have 2011's SILENCE OF LOVE (TOUS LES SOLEILS) starting in their e-Cinema. It's a second feature for the writer-director behind 2008's Kristen Scott Thomas flick I'VE LOVED YOU SO LONG (IL Y A LONGTEMPS QUE JE T'AIME).

* The Bridgeway has A LADY IN PARIS (UNE ESTONIENNE À PARIS) screening twice this weekend. They must be previews and it'll no doubt be out properly in the next week or so...


* Jan Grefstad's Hollywood Cinema is dusting off its Mighty Wurlitzer organ once again, this time to provide live accompaniment for Charlie Chaplin's 1925 silent film THE GOLD RUSH. These are wonderful events that kick off with about an hour of scratchy old shorts and you're even required to stand up to footage of the Queen. Probably in the three hour region, this is one of the better ways to spend $20 this Sunday 17th.

* Crispin Glover himself is bringing his film IT IS FINE! EVERYTHING IS FINE. (2007) to Auckland this upcoming film week!! Chuck in a slide show, a Q&A and a book signing, and Tuesday 19th is going to be quite the film event. Crispin Hellion Glover!

* As well as a typically interesting line-up of films like MONSTERS, INC. (2001), THE IMPOSTER and ON AIR (PARLEZ-MOI DE VOUS), The Vic also has a treat for the hordes of Armenian film fans over on The Shore this weekend; 1968's THE COLOR OF POMEGRANATES (Սայաթ-Նովա) has been called "startling", "bizarre" and "straight-up bonkers", in a good way. I'll hitch a lift, if anyone is heading over to Devonport this Saturday 16th...

* Auckland's Film Society has a screening of DEEP END (1970) playing Monday 18th at Academy Cinemas. Set in a London bathhouse during the late 60s, this film from Polish director Jerzy Skolimowski (who got beaten up by ScarJo in THE AVENGERS last year) has me rather fascinated.

* I thought that by screening the double-episode opener to season 6 of DR. WHO this Thursday 14th, Event were forcing my hand; I was finally going to get around to checking this show out. But nope, both sessions bloody well sold out. Guess it's more popular than I thought. Queue just in case, assume the sell-out means there'll be a repeat or give up? Hmm.

* At the risk of sounding repetitive, THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975) is on yet again. $8 for a 10 PM showing at the Uxbridge Arts Cinema Club out in Howick this Saturday 16th. CASABLANCA (1942) has a couple more screenings at Rialto Newmarket this week, MARLEY is playing Silo Cinema on Friday night after being postponed last month, and the collection of Disney Princess movies calling itself a Film Festival has one final weekend.

* Auckland Arts Festival runs late this Saturday 16th; called White Night, a bunch of venues across town are open 6 PM till midnight showcasing all kinds of arty things; the piece that's caught my eye is David Downes' animated short "KINGDOM", with live score performed by NZTrio. Playing at 8 PM, 8:30 PM and 9 PM for free at the Auckland Art Gallery, this is just one tiny piece of all that Saturday madness.

* And finally in film-related; just as ONCE fans got to enjoy The Frames perform last Wednesday, those of us that enjoyed SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN can see Rodriguez play Logan Campbell Centre this Sunday 17th. Actually, that's not quite right, as that also sold out.

All sessions above are accurate at the time of publication. Your best bet would be to check Flicks or the theatre website before attending. Please let us know in the comments if you spy anything we've messed up/missed out!

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