Wednesday, March 20, 2013

In Cinemas: Mar 21 - 27


Apart from the new 3D / IMAX blockbuster JACK THE GIANT SLAYER (which I may end up seeing for Stanley Tucci, Eddie Marsan, Ian McShane, Ralph Brown, Warwick Davis, Bill Nighy, et al...) and the new French film A LADY IN PARIS (UNE ESTONIENNE À PARIS) that I mentioned last post, this week is really all about next week;

* There's a Wednesday member's preview of G.I. JOE 2: RETALIATION (3D) at St. Lukes Vmax and Hoyts (the latter even has a midnight premiere for non-members). After part one was so horrible, it's kinda odd how they're treating this thing like it's highly anticipated. That being said, I ain't skipping a film with this cast-list; The Rock, Bruce Willis, the dude from I SAW THE DEVIL and A BITTERSWEET LIFE, Channing Tatum and RZA?!

* One of Gael García Bernal's recent films - NO - has weekend screenings at Bridgeway, Monterey and Rialto Newmarket.

* Event has a $10 member's preview of THE HOST on Wednesday (Stephenie Meyer's new thing with Bridget von Hammersmark and Hanna, not a remake of Bong Joon-ho's monster flick).

* And featuring Marion Cotillard and a load of light in the camera, RUST AND BONE (DE ROUILLE ET D'OS) from the director of UN PROPHÈTE is previewing at a bunch of the art-houses on Saturday and Sunday.

* The only other new thing out properly this week, is MetOpera's latest offering, AIDA. No idea what it is, but there is the link.


* Monday night, Auckland Film Society is playing Cronenberg's VIDEODROME (1983), with James Woods and Debbie Harry. Goodness me I'm having a lot of fun at the Academy lately...

* Silo Cinema has Indiana Jones in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981) on the big screen down the waterfront this Friday night. If I hadn't seen it on the big screen last year, I'd be there myself...

* AUT is having a four-day animation forum, something very close to my heart. Animation Revelations began on Wednesday the 20th and runs until Saturday. There'll be a run of collections showcasing animation of all sorts, from NZ, Canada, Belgium, etc...Shame that you can only purchase day-passes. Here's one that I saw there last night;

* There is still a film or two left out west at the EcoWest Festival; this Thursday at the Waitakere WEA is LAST CALL AT THE OASIS (2011), a documentary about our water crisis.

* Director Alyx Duncan is still on her Q&A tour for THE RED HOUSE. This week, Matakana Cinemas has a 6 PM and an 8 PM Thursday 21st, she'll be at The Vic on Saturday 23rd at 8 PM and on Sunday she's at The Bridgeway for a 5 PM chat.

* I squeezed CINDERELLA and TANGLED in last weekend before the Disney Princess Film Festival finished up at Event, then they went and continued it on me. You won't catch me at HI-5's new 'movie' SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL playing at Hoyts, though; not even I will stoop that low...

* The Vic is playing Pixar's MONSTERS, INC. (2001) again this week, ahead of the release of its sequel. They're also still playing THE RED HOUSE. A tonne of other films too, some of them cool, like ARGO...

* And finally, Rialto has a couple more screenings of CASABLANCA (1942) on, if you haven't already caught it.

All sessions above are accurate at the time of publication. Your best bet would be to check Flicks or the theatre website before attending. Please let us know in the comments if you spy anything we've messed up/missed out!

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