Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In Cinemas: September 20-26

For a full listing of screen times across Auckland, Flicks or the theatre website is probably your best bet. Double-check before attending, as times change, we make mistakes, etc. Please mention anything we've forgotten in the comments, and tell us if you've found any off-the-beaten path must-sees!

* The genius who wrote last year's 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY is back with a Hong Kong sex-comedy DUE WEST: MY SEX JOURNEY, once again in 3D at Sylvia Park Hoyt's this week. Plus, the latest release from India arrives this Friday in the form of HEROINE that chronicles the life of a fading starlet.

* Despite divided reviews, many people will be queueing to see the surreal indie romcom RUBY SPARKS - perhaps because it's from the directors of LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, or because it stars Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan (who also co-wrote the script, which she wants you to know is not about Manic Pixie Dream Girls).

* Apart from those two, New Zealand's own TWO LITTLE BOYS and MADAGASCAR 3: EUROPE'S MOST WANTED (3D) are the week's only other new releases.

* You'll find MOONRISE KINGDOM, ON THE ROAD, YOUR SISTER'S SISTER, GOD BLESS AMERICA, Jo Nesbo's JACKPOT, THE LAST OCEAN and HOW FAR IS HEAVEN still playing around town. THE LAST DOGS OF WINTER is on its last legs and there are a few final screenings of MARGARET & I WISH (but you're out of luck if you didn't catch WARRIORS OF THE RAINBOW: SEEDIQ BALE this week, as its run was very short-lived).

* Indy/Spielberg fans; Hoyts Sylvia Park (amongst other locations in the country) screens RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK at 8:00PM Sunday 23rd. Their recent screenings (JURASSIC PARK, E.T., JAWS) have all looked great. And it's a great excuse to link to the first ten minutes of the full-length RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK: THE ADAPTATION.

* Mira Nair's 1996 film KAMA SUTRA: A TALE OF LOVE joins Academy's Season Of Sex this week. INTERSEXIONA HAPPY EVENT & BOUND FOR PLEASURE continue as well.

* A one-off screening for you lucky Pukekohe punters. A young lady discovers that she survived an abortion attempt in the Christian drama OCTOBER BABY. More importantly, the poster reveals that the original Bo Duke shows up too! 6:45PM Monday 24th at Pukekohe Cinema 3.

* If anti-abortion films aren't your thing, maybe heartwarming tales of Aboriginal singing groups overcoming racism during Vietnam with the touching comic relief of Chris O'Dowd are? Hopefully both aren't, because Rialto's hosting a competing screening of THE SAPPHIRES with director Wayne Blair in attendance on Monday as well (at 6:00PM).

* Geoff Murphy's 2001 documentary BLERTA REVISITED shows up at Film Society this week. It follows Bruno Lawrence’s Electric Revelation and Travelling Apparition during the '70s. 6:30PM Monday 24th at Rialto Newmarket (in DV).

Number 8 Films have their monthly Gay Film Night this Thursday. They are playing the 2007 romantic drama SHELTER, about a relationship developing between surfer pals. 6:30PM Thursday 20th at Rialto Newmarket.

* And speaking of sports, Rialto also has PREMIERE OF THE 2012 SPEIGHT'S COAST TO COAST on Sunday "featuring the two day and one day races with spectacular kayaking and mountain running footage". 6:00PM & 7:45PM Sunday 23rd at Rialto Newmarket.

* This year's Italian Film Festival is only a week away. We'll have our picks in next week's update (and let us know what you're anticipating!), but the Opening Night film is WELCOME TO THE SOUTH, the 2010 remake of the 2008 French comedy WELCOME TO THE STICKS. It's about a postal worker who is not happy to be transferred to what he imagines will be a dirty mafia-ridden town. Cinema 1 & 2 have pretty much sold out, but there are tickets still available in a 3rd cinema, 7:00PM Wednesday 26th at Rialto Newmarket.

* The Victoria Picture Palace are screening the documentaries WHO WAS HERE BEFORE US? and THE AGE OF STUPID this Saturday and Sunday. Additionally, Vanessa Clarke's short documentary BERTHING THE KESTREL about the Devonport Ferry will be looping certain mornings.

* The Fred & Ginger run continues at Monterey with 1937's SHALL WE DANCE (12:30pm Wednesday 26th) and a second screening of the wonderfully-titled 1934 film THE GAY DIVORCEE (2:00pm Sunday 23rd). 2010's HEARTBREAKER is this week's Monterey Abroad film; 6:50pm Friday 21st.

* The Polish Heritage Museum in Howick is playing last year's BLACK THURSDAY on Sunday, which recreates the 1970 strike and subsequent riots at the Gdansk shipyard.

* There are also two more 3D screenings of Herzog's CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS next week, Monday the 24th at The Bridgeway.

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