Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Weekly Reader: September 1

Auckland's Big Screen Symposium has finished, but several people live-tweeted the event, if you'd like lots and lots of 140-character highlights.

As the New Zealand International Film Festival leaves NZ's main centers and goes farther afield, Darren Bevan catches up with festival director Bill Gosden for a wrap-up look at this year's festival.

Cinematica's Dan Slevin is abroad at the Telluride Film Festival, where's he's blogging the experience, having already got sneak looks at ARGO and MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN.

Filmmaker Errol Morris is also at Telluride, but with his new book, A Wilderness Of Error, which follows in the footsteps of THE THIN BLUE LINE in re-examining a closed case and questioning the guilt of a convicted man.

Richard Whittaker at the Austin Chronicle profiles Tim League of the Alamo Drafthouse.

Adam Cook at Cinemascope profiles his top ten features from the Locarno Film Festival. I'm particularly excited to see LEVIATHAN, MUSEUM HOURS, and TECTONICS.

If you missed this short video on Kubrick's use of one-point perspective, don't. It's an intensely great two minutes.

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  1. Nice list again man.
    Dunno that I could manage Leviathan, but Museum Hours & Motorway ( think we've missed already?) really caught my attention.
    That Kubrick vid is stunning, too. Keeper.
    Just this massive Tim League piece to go...