Wednesday, September 5, 2012

In Cinemas: September 6-12

Auckland Cinephile is a guide to the various arthouse and retrospective releases of the week that in our highly subjective opinion are worth mentioning. Listing doesn't guarantee a theatre will follow through with their plans, or I might have fucked up, so double check before going. For a full listing of screen times across Auckland, Flicks or the theatre website is probably your best bet. If you think we've forgotten something, please mention it in the comments. Suggestions for improved formatting also welcomed.

* This week's featured returning title from the New Zealand Film Festival is THE LAST DOGS OF WINTER. Kiwi Costa Botes looks at the hardships surrounding Canadian Eskimo dogs in the polar bear capital of the world. Playing twice daily at Rialto Newmarket.

* Another Kiwi offering this week is the return of Grant Lahood's INTERSEXION from this year's DocEdge Festival. The film follows Mani Bruce Mitchell traveling to meet other intersex people around the world. Part of Academy Cinema's Season Of Sex, probably playing for one week only.

* In foreign-language film releases: WUNDERKINDER hits arthouses, a German film about three talented child musicians set during WWII, while the multiplexes host the 3D Bollywood Horror sequel, RAAZ 3.

* After two teaser screenings, Bobcat Goldthwait's GOD BLESS AMERICA is now playing four times a day at Academy. Starring one of Bill Murray's brothers and a fair amount of blood. Also going into regular release across Auckland: the Maggie Gyllenhaal vibrator comedy HYSTERIA, Dax Shepard's love-letter to Smokey and the Bandit HIT AND RUN, and a 3-D re-release of Pixar's FINDING NEMO.

Overlooked in previous editions:
* EK THA TIGER is described by Fantastic Fest programmer Rodney Perkins thusly: "Ek Tha Tiger is utterly ridiculous. It is like a composite of 6 completely different movies. It is also awesome." This is what we at Auckland Cinephile consider to be a strong endorsement.

* LIFE IN MOVEMENT, a documentary about Sydney Dance Company director Tanja Liedtke and the tour of her works after her untimely death at age 29. Played DocEdge earlier this year.

Continuing in release are the following festival films:
* HOW FAR IS HEAVEN, the acclaimed NZ documentary
* MARGARET, directed by Kenneth Lonergan (YOU CAN COUNT ON ME) and starring Anna Paquin
* MOONRISE KINGDOM, the latest Wes Anderson film
* I WISH, directed by Hirokazu Kore-Eda (STILL WALKING, AFTER LIFE)
* BERNIE, directed by Richard Linklater (SLACKER, BEFORE SUNRISE)

* Sylvia Park Hoyts is playing some Spielberg films over the next few weeks; JAWS begins the series Sunday 9th at 8pm, presented in a restored 2K DCP version with 7.1 sound. The perfect way to see this lovely romantic comedy.

* Howick's Monterey begins its small Fred & Ginger season on Wednesday 12th 12:30pm with the first of two screenings of TOP HAT. Also, the quiet 2008 French comedy drama CONVERSATIONS WITH MY GARDENER plays their Monterey Abroad slot 6:30pm Friday 7th.

* First Friday of the month means only one thing: another rowdy screening of Tommy Wiseau's THE ROOM at the Academy, 10:30pm Fri 7th.

* The Auckland Art Gallery has two free weekend screenings: Mu-Ming Tsai's documentary DESIGN & THINKING at 2pm on Saturday 8th, and HOME AKL: 4 SHORT FILMS BY POPO LILO (followed by a Q&A) at 3pm on Sunday 9th.

* The Victoria Picture Palace has another two documentaries screening this weekend; Robin Kewell will be there to present THE GARDENING OF EDEN (6pm), plus THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN will play after it (8:15pm), on both Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th.

* Turns out that the Polish Heritage Trust Museum in Howick hosts weekly screenings: this week it's the 2005 made-for-TV drama KAROL: A MAN WHO BECAME POPE, Sunday 9th 2pm.

* Bridgeway Cinemas is hosting a limited retrospective of 3-D arthouse films with even more limited screening options; the first, Werner Herzog's CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS, screens Monday 10th 4pm.

* This week at Auckland Film Society: the early 80s cold-war thriller FAREWELL, Monday 10th 6:30pm at Rialto Cinemas.

* And in advance of its release, TWO LITTLE BOYS has two different Q&A screenings next week: one with the leads Bret McKenzie & Hamish Blake at 6:30pm Wednesday 12th at Event Cinemas Queen St, and the other at Rialto Newmarket at 6:15pm Thursday, this one with Robert & Duncan Sarkies, who wrote & directed the film.


  1. The TWO LITTLE BOYS Q&A with Bret & Hamish has sold out!! Luckily the one with Robert & Duncan Sarkies still has plenty of room (for now).

    I hadn't scheduled EK THA TIGER into my viewing schedule this week Doug, I'll amend that immediately!

    And JAWS is in restored DCP, huh? Can't wait.

  2. Quite amused that people who don't know that I edited your post will think that you're talking to yourself ;).

  3. Yeah, I realised how it might look, had to go squeeze your name in there somewhere before publishing the comment, heh!