Wednesday, October 24, 2012

In Cinemas: October 25 - 31


* TAI CHI HERO - the sequel to 3D Chinese martial arts flick TAI CHI ZERO from a few weeks back - is out this week, with the addition of Peter Stormare?? Expect loads more fighting, stylised intertitles, video-game noises and steam-punk contraptions.

* And sticking with loud, brash genre cinema (judging from the poster), New Zealand horror-comedy FRESH MEAT arrives with criminals, cannibals and Temuera Morrison. 

* You can also catch Ben Affleck's latest effort this week; ARGO is based on a true story of an Iranian hostage crisis from the late 70s and has heaps of cool folks like John Goodman, Michael Parks, Philip Baker Hall, Alan Arkin, Adrienne Barbeau & Bryan Cranston in it. And speaking of Affleck and his enormous rolodex of celebrity pals;

* The director of MURIEL'S WEDDING & MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING is back with MENTAL, an Australian comedy about mental illness with Toni Collette, Anthony LaPaglia, Rebecca Gibney, Liev Schreiber & Kerry Fox.

* Manukau Event is apparently the only cinema interested in SPARKLE, a remake of a 1976 film inspired by The Supremes, this one starring Whitney Houston (in her last film role), Cee-Lo Green, Mike Epps & Derek Luke; The French, feel-good crowd-pleaser THE INTOUCHABLES is out for real this week; Sex-surrogate film THE SESSIONS has sneak weekend screenings all around town; Event & Hoyts both have a preview screening of BAIT on Wednesday - the new Australian robbery-turns-tsunami-turns-shark attack movie in 3D! And Flicks has mentioned two Bollywood films starting this week - BEST OF LUCK & CHAKRAVYUH - though I can't find screening times for either. But I'll include them in case they show up over the next few days...

* And if none of that is getting you out of the house, don't forget the other stuff continuing on this week: things like KILLING THEM SOFTLY, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, DREDD, LOOPER, Angels & Airwaves' LOVE, WHERE DO WE GO NOW? & SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN.


* This month's FREE Japanese film playing at the University is RAINBOW KIDS (1991), a crime-comedy about a botched kidnapping and a ransom that became a media circus. 7:30 PM Thursday at the University Of Auckland (under the General Library building). FREE, dammit.

* Before HOW TO MEET GIRLS FROM A DISTANCE starts in November, there is another Film Talk screening happening at Rialto's e-cinema. Producers Ruth Korver & Andrew Beattie will be there to speak with writer/star Richard Falkner afterwards. 6 PM Wednesday.

* It's Film Society's final bow of the year! And they have a 35mm print of HIGH SOCIETY (1956) for the occasion. A musical remake of THE PHILADELPHIA STORY from 1940 (a personal favourite), this time starring Bing Crosby, Sinatra & Princess Grace. It's playing 6:30 PM Monday at Rialto Newmarket and includes Sinatra & Crosby covering the Debbie Harry / Iggy Pop track WELL, DID YOU EVAH! (to be fact-checked).

* The Vic has a couple of interesting screenings this week; EDEN: THE INSIDE STORY is a documentary about the Eden Project in Cornwall, playing most nights at 6 PM; THE WRECKING SEASON (2004) looks at the origins of things washing ashore a beach also in Cornwall, playing 6 PM Thursday-Saturday. They also have Buster Keaton's THE GENERAL (1926) screening twice this weekend! 11 AM Saturday morning & 2:10 PM on Sunday.

* Monterey's David Lean retrospective trucks along with a second screening of DOCTOR ZHIVAGO (1965) at 2 PM on Sunday, as well as a showing of Robert Mitchum in RYAN'S DAUGHTER (1970) at 12:30 PM on Wednesday.

* Daniel Rutledge & David Farrier continue their monthly screenings down at the Britomart Country Club; for October, they are playing RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981) this Sunday. Dinner & drink deals from 6 PM, movie starts once it gets dark enough (8-ish?).

* A few recent 'one-offs' are actually continuing this week; Cartoon Network has another few early screenings of ADVENTURE TIME WITH FINN AND JAKE this weekend at Event & Hoyts; concert film LED ZEPPELIN: CELEBRATION DAY is apparently "back by popular demand" at Event & Rialto; 3D snowboarding extravaganza THE ART OF FLIGHT also has another two showings at Event. And the Hawkins Theatre in Papakura has another two screenings of PICTURES OF SUSAN (NZFF 2012) coming up next Monday.

All times above are accurate at the time of publication. Your best bet would be to check Flicks or the theatre website before attending. Please let us know in the comments if you spy anything we've messed up/missed out!

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