Monday, October 22, 2012

The Weekly Reader: October 22

Recommended as the soundtrack for this week's read is MUBI's 3rd soundtrack mix, Trespassers Will Be Eaten.

While you're at MUBI, you could start there with an excellent lengthy interview of Christian Petzold, the director of BARBARA and JERICHOW, by Daniel Kasman and David Phelps.

This week, HOLY MOTORS goes into theatrical release in the States. Steve Erickson interviews director Leos Carax for the Village Voice, while at the AV Club Mike D'Angelo goes deep with a review. Also at the AV Club: the best films of the nineties. That is, the 1890s. And in easily the most fun read of the week, Kelly Lynch dishes on Denzel Washington and Bill Murray.

Better late than never, Tim Wong wraps his NZIFF coverage for the Lumiere Reader.

Andrzej Zulawski and Dolph Lundgren almost teamed up? Evan Husney has the story. Elvis Mitchell's interview with Joaquin Phoenix is a whole lot of fun.

Jaime Christley interviews Abbas Kiarostami for Slant.

And finally: not remotely recent, but this discussion between Stan Brakhage and Godfrey Reggio is a good read.

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