Monday, October 15, 2012

The Weekly Reader: October 15

There's no contest; the best read this week is Tom Breihan's piece for Grantland about The Asylum, the mockbuster giants who brought you SNAKES ON A PLANE, TRANSMORPHERS, and THE DAY THE EARTH STOPPED, to name just a few.

Wait, I lied. There is a contest. Icelandic editor Valdis Oskarsdottir may not be a household name, but with films from THE CELEBRATION to ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND under her belt, you've probably seen her work. Matthew Hammett Knott at Indiewire has posted a "distillation" of a Q&A that accompanied a screening of the first cut of SPOTLESS MIND, and her bluntness and candor is bracing.

I mentioned Views From The Avant-Garde last week, and it seems like one event in particular garnered a lot of attention (relatively speaking): a screening of Peter Kubelka's MONUMENT FILM. Well, screening isn't really the right description, as it also includes an installation, amazing pictures of which are included in Daniel Kasman's article for MUBI.

Dan Hopper and Ross Nover have provided 10 (spoiler-filled) newspaper headlines from the LOOPER universe, and they keep making me laugh. "Quarters to remain as whimsical party icebreakers."

Leah Churner for the Austin Chronicle presents a big retrospective article on David Byrne's TRUE STORIES.

Find out from William Wilson about three films William Lustig never made.

Over at Flicks, Aaron Yap reviews his commenters on his LOOPER review.

This week's Halloween countdown comes from Grady Hendrix, who's watching all the obscure/forgotten/or just awesome horror films on Netflix he can find.

And, to close out, a treasure trove: 20 episodes of Stan Brakhage's radio show, The Test of Time.

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