Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Cinemas: January 17 - 23


* PTA's sixth feature has finally made it to this side of the world; and it feels almost like an event! THE MASTER was shot in 70mm (the topic of 'net talk galore) and while li'l ol' New Zealand isn't getting one of those prints, you can still witness the film at Rialto Newmarket, the Capitol and on Academy's brand new projector. Featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Adams, as well as Joaquin Phoenix' impressive return to acting.

* The director behind ZOMBIELAND, 30 MINUTES OR LESS and even BETWEEN TWO FERNS brings us...period crime drama GANGSTER SQUAD? Looks like flashy fun packed with all sorts of Hollywood; Brolin, Gosling, Penn, Nolte, the superb Emma Stone, Anthony Mackie, Michael Peña, Giovanni Ribisi, T-1000, Coen favourite Jon Polito, Basterd Michael Bacall...

* As an animator by trade, I've been looking forward to this one for too long; clay-mated zombie comedy PARANORMAN is now in town, playing in 2D and 3D! With the voice talents of McLovin', John Goodman, Anna Kendrick, Casey Affleck (voice talents??), Jeff from CURB, Leslie Mann, Lois Griffin and the boy from THE ROAD and LET ME IN. Laika Entertainment are the guys behind CORALINE, who also worked on CORPSE BRIDE; and the detail in this thing looks even more stunning. Check out the freckles on that kid's cheeks!!

* John Goodman's other new 3D cartoon this week (not often I get to type that) is Pixar's wonderful MONSTERS, INC. (love that punctuation). Well, newly 3D-ed at least. I'm rapt about seeing James P. Sullivan and Mike deal with their fear of children all over again on the big screen. Also including the voices of Billy Crystal, Steve Buscemi, Jennifer Tilly, John Ratzenberger, Frank Oz and the late James Coburn.

* Oh yeah, Brendan Fraser has a new Irish crime-comedy out this week, too. Hmm.
WHOLE LOTTA SOLE opens at Rialto Newmarket, The Bridgeway and Monterey Cinemas. And anybody waiting for this week's scheduled Bollywood film, INKAAR? It disappeared from the Coming Soon lists at the last minute - third Bollywood film to do that this year already! Patterns forming...?


* The pleasantly surprising superhero cartoon RISE OF THE GUARDIANS is still about; Bond and SKYFALL make it to a full two months at the cinema; Chow Yun-fat's THE LAST TYCOON (大上海) is hanging on at Sylvia Park; the newly-decorated ARGO has another week-ish at Rialto; brilliant doco-thriller THE IMPOSTER is at Rialto, The Bridgeway and Capitol Cinema; You can still catch BEASTS OF THE SOUTHERN WILD, WRECK-IT RALPH, SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS and/or SIGHTSEERS; there's even a SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED screening left in Academy's 16-seater on Sunday!


* Auckland Art Gallery's Who Shot Rock And Roll exhibition ain't over yet! And they've added some more Rockumentary Screenings; This week? Pennebaker's 1967 concert film DON'T LOOK BACK, following Bob Dylan's 1965 England tour. It plays for free, Sunday 1 PM.

* The Uxbridge Arts Cinema Club is back for 2013! They seem to have switched to 8 PM Thursdays now instead of Mondays, but tickets are still only $8. The new program kicks off this Thursday (17th) with THE WELL DIGGER'S DAUGHTER (LA FILLE DU PUISATIER) from way back in 2011. Daniel Auteuil - from CONVERSATIONS WITH MY GARDENER (DIALOGUE AVEC MON JARDINIER) and CACHÉ - adapts, directs and stars in this remake of the French tale set pre-World War II.

* Tony Scott's (RIP) 1986 flick TOP GUN is this week's FREE outdoor screening at Silo Park down the Viaduct. Get down there by 9 PM to see Maverick, Iceman and Goose do their thing, as well as Viper, Jester, Cougar, Wolfman, Slider, Merlin, Sundown, Hollywood, Stinger, Chipper, Sprawl...
I'm not making this up. Ask Quentin;

* Now, while I'm as keen for some repertory Pierce Brosnan as the next man, I can't honestly say that THOMAS & FRIENDS: THE GREAT DISCOVERY (2008) is quite what I was hoping for. Featuring the titular Thomas, the entire Steam Team, Brosnan narrating and of course, The Fat Controller, it'll be playing daily 10 AM slots at Hoyts.

* Also, The Vic has everything from I, ANNA to YOU'VE BEEN TRUMPED playing over The Shore, as well as another week of Disney's 1940 film, FANTASIA.

All sessions above are accurate at the time of publication. Your best bet would be to check Flicks or the theatre website before attending. Please let us know in the comments if you spy anything we've messed up/missed out!

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